Pin Spotting tables

When pin spotting it is best to aim for the largest part of the Floral arrangement. Sometimes that may be very high and you may need to watch peoples eyes. Many arrangements are low and you will focus onto the center of the table. If you have to focus after the tables have been set and before the flowers are on the tables it is often a good idea to focus with a white bucket on the table. This is a helpful trick I have employed over the years and last but not least move the table into the light. It may be my last resort. But I expect perfection when I am lighting anything even a simple flower.  Happy Lighting.. Donna

Simply amaze your guest with Beautiful Lighting for Brides table


Color Color every where

Color Color every where

Color color every where keeps the eye interested. It is happy and fun for your party. Color is always in style. It is easy to match bright colors. I usually stay away from a hard red . I don’t feel like it matches many colors. So I use hot pink, it matches everything.

watermarkvaseoyellow watermarkIMG_5079   I love color, I dream in color.