The Led effect

I have become increasingly frustrated at the new LED fixtures. Their limitations exhaust me. My clients ask for them, but do they know that for years I was creating better events with the stage lighting fixtures?. The lighting was dramatic with beams and shadows. Leds lighting for me, is like putting colored florescent light bulbs in your household fixtures. Yes everything turns a color but it is the same color and the food is the same color and the peoples skin. And all the money you spent on table cloths and flowers has gone to waste because they are all the color of the walls. I see this in picture after picture. later I will talk about ways to fix this problem but now I want to reference a quote…

This is a Quote from The famous Event Planner David Beahm.


I almost forgot! While I’m on my soap box: there seems to be a rather annoying trend on the elegant/professional lighting landscape – the L.E.D. lighting fixture.
L.E.D.s are inexpensive to purchase, are extremely versatile because they can blast myriad of colors with the push of a button and (in many cases) require only a battery, thereby doing away with the need for miles of wiring. Suddenly, every company with a little spare change in their pocket could purchase them and has been saying, “we can provide your lighting for you.” I’m here to tell you, no. They cannot.
For years, professional lighting designers were able to create elegant spaces with the use of incandescent lighting. Event/temporary lighting brought about the need that things become more portable and easier to use, thus L.E.D.s have been employed to make life easier for lighting companies, shortening installation times and reducing bottom lines immeasurably.
However, what few have taken into consideration with L.E.D. lighting is that it is harsh. Really REALLY harsh. It makes your eyes strobe. It does not blend elegantly with conventional incandescent lighting. To put it plainly: it makes the human skin look horrible. Personally, I believe one of the major functions of lighting is to make every person at the event feel that they look fabulous. If you are looking at your wife who is green or blue and the color temperature of the lighting has turned her beautiful “Jungle Red” lipstick into “Cadaver Black” (yes, lighting, especially L.E.D.s, changes the way we perceive color); you’re just not going to forget that. Changing technology has improved the type of light produced by modern L.E.D. fixtures, but they’re just not there yet.
So, just like everything else that you purchase – buyer beware! L.E.D.s are wonderful to light architecture and give a colorful background to an inanimate subject, but make sure that you’ve hired a lighting designer who understands their limitations and how to make everyone and everything look beautiful. A bargain lighting company is probably going to give you a truly “unforgettable” look … don’t say I didn’t warn you.” David Beahm.

I can not tell you how happy I was to read that. I have been Lighting since 1977 in high school all through college and still to this day. A true designer is only as good as the tools that he or she works with. I have some tricks and I know a lot about light, what it will and will not do. Here is how to fix the problem. Pinspot the money. What elements cost the most in the room? The cake mega dollars and those flowers must be lit. I light them every chance I can for weddings and I like to do it with flair. I love to pattern up the room with designs. I was told by an artist that you eye needs to see white every once in a white to see true color.  I believe this. It is like being in a red room or blue. After awhile your eyes adjust and the color of things just look odd. The following picture is how I stopped the Led effect. Know that the photo was taken with my phone and not a true quality picture.







Out Door Weddings

Out door wedding can be beautiful. But please remember a smart bride has a back up plan. Last night I lite the most beautiful Wedding at Willow lake gardens. This was the most beautiful out door garden setting I have ever seen. Fauxcades creative Event Designs Had designed high back tufted chairs for the dinner garden set.Image


As the guest we just starting to eat a rain storm ran every one inside. Thanks to the fast acting wedding Planner Patti Wagner, who directed everyone to move the chairs inside and let the party continue indoors. I had up lighting  in the cabin but never thought anyone would see it. But when the back up plan became the plan everyone enjoyed! So always have a back up plan and rain option. In Texas the only way to predict the weather is to look up.


Fairy Tale Weddings

I love fairy tale weddings. This one was a challenge because I wanted mix leds and conventional cans outside. We are talking about two different color temperatures. But the most difficult challenge was the yellow walls. It tends to give the fuschia color an orange tint. So the columns in the room were painted white. And I had to mix a different color for the yellow walls. Out in the garden, we strung garden lights. While I was installing the lights the temperature quickly rose to 103. The ladder was burning my hands and sweat was burning my eyes. Lighting designers weak point is their eyes for sure. But it was well worth it the garden was amazing for the bride and groom.
My last challenge of the night was my aluminum ladder and the flashes of light with rolling thunder from the sky. That night was a record breaking fast out. I am so proud of my team. I will get more photos to post from this event soon.

Closet tips

Newly wed tip of the day. When you find your self out of closet room because you are trying to fit you and your spouse’s cloths into one closet try this. Hang pant and jeans 2 per hanger. This does save so much room. Use a substantial hanger because they will weigh double. Hang like cloths together or ones that you wear more often in the front for a quick find. Try not throwing things away because who know you may skinny down to fit into your high school stuff again. Store shoes high on a shoe rack for easy visual find. And keep a small folding  step ladder in the closet to reach high places. These can be bought at Wall mart or target. I got my stacking show racks at the container store. i like them better than the plastic boxes that I had before because they kept falling on my head. No not funny how a plastic box can make you feel stupid when it hits you on the head.. Got any tips to share? I would love to hear them!


Color Color every where

Color Color every where

Color color every where keeps the eye interested. It is happy and fun for your party. Color is always in style. It is easy to match bright colors. I usually stay away from a hard red . I don’t feel like it matches many colors. So I use hot pink, it matches everything.

watermarkvaseoyellow watermarkIMG_5079   I love color, I dream in color.

Things you should definitely avoid saying to the bride and groom

Things you should definitely avoid saying to the bride and groom

I kinda liked this, this is something everyone knows but has one of these people at their wedding who will blurt out something they should have held in.

What Not to Say to a Bride and Groom
Want to know the worst thing you can say to the bride and groom? tells you what you should definitely avoid

Led’s or non Led’s

Ashton Depot Fort Worth Texas

While Led’s are what every Bride wants, they are not the right light for every occasion. Since Led’s have come out, they make it easier not having to worry about the electrical at the venue. But there are draw backs and limitations using these lights. The problem starts with the color of light they produce. The camera sees it why don’t we? I think the lights are fine lighting scenery or walls. But they do very poorly on faces and on product. If you have to light the band with Leds, I would use a spot light if you have a big star walking on stage. I saw a horrible show they lit Smokey Robinson with just Leds for a benefit for the Jr League of Dallas. It was bad I could not get a useable picture. In a case like that I am not a fan of turning peoples faces that color. I would hope that if you were light a bride you would be careful with using Leds on the face. The Led just can not give us the true studio quality color that an halogen lamp can. Hiring a professional is your best coarse of action. Getting your photographer to work with your lighting designer…even better!

Whats Hot?

Of course we all know about Led Lighting and while fabric seems to be all the rage. I see a new trend on the horizon. That new trend is the exciting world of wall patterns. This is a Beautiful solution the ugly wall paper that is in most hotels. It also lets the Bride put her on distinct mark on her wedding. She can get as creative as she wants to be. Have an ugly wall? Instead of draping it off, which can be costly with hours of labor cost. Why not cover it in light? Lighting is still your most affordable way to decorate a room. 2 people 4 hours and easy decorations.

Forget the expensive prop houses, make it simple and elegant with light. ashton(19)

Educating Brides About Lighting

I wanted to start this blog to educate Brides about lighting. Education is the first step to knowing what you want and why you want it. I did come from a long line of teachers and this is dedicated to my family who taught me so much. I enjoying helping people, making them happy, and sharing my lighting secrets. At the end of the day we should have exactly what we want. You will have a beautiful wedding and I will have  that perfect picture from your amazing wedding for our web page.

Problem rooms

For your best design the lighting person must be able to quickly assess how to light the room the best way possible. The other day I was looking at a photograph from another wedding planner at the Fort Worth Club. I notice 2 very bad errors with the way they had lit the room. First in the picture at the brides feet bride was a big ugly black colored light right in the middle of the mirrored hall way. You can’t use a block type Led in this situation. We have slender models for hallways and tight places. Someone could trip or turn a heel on a light on the floor. Things they could of done to fix that?… Put a plant there so people will be less likely to trip over the light. Or we at this location, put the lighting inside the metal window grates. This has a two fold purpose, one it is safer for the guest and you don’t need the plants. But the best thing about this is that to properly light this room you must accent the architecture of the room. Look at the picture and how lighting the grate makes the right side of the picture more interesting. I want my Bride to have the best this room has to offer. The entrance of this room has many metal grated that cover the windows the are really beautiful if you light them with heavy color.  This room is lit with uplights  pink and gold. This is the way to light this room and it is affordable.

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