unreasonable band expectations or new band duties?

I had bride tell me that she was shocked that her band who are providing the sound, the entertainment all night and bringing the up lighting for her wedding do not have pin spotting for her tables. I am wondering if they will be also waiting tables and serving dinner for her guest between numbers? Band are under lots of pressure these days to provide more for their brides but there comes a point when you must say not and do what you do well. I wonder if she has any idea how hard it is to get up on stage and play for 5 to 7 hours? Plus loading in the pa and setting up can kill you. Most bands have other jobs. they are expected to work all day, then travel in rush hour traffic for often over an hour, then set up band lights and pa. Now the bride wants them to light the room and then pinspot all the tables and cake. Playing in a band is hard work it is exhausting. Please remember to feed them also chances they did not have time to think about them selves because they were too busy setting and getting things for your wedding. They need water and food if they are expected to works for 8 to 9 hours on your event. Be the kind of Bride who takes care of those who work so hard to make her day perfect.

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