Lighting Elements

Lighting Elements

We take something that is dirty and ugly in the corner. This old wagon is broken and they are using as a prop in the corner. We light it is an unusual way to hide the ugly and create interest for your eye. Learn to look at the building find things to enhance the room around you. Lighting is the most affordable way to decorate your event. Lighting goes further and cost less than other mediums. Lighting hides the dirt and bugs these wedding venues never clean up.
I am often on the floor taping down the cords and we get just dirty because they do not clean up the halls before their brides weddings. Brides don’t let this happen to you. Put it in the contract. Ask them to clean up and have a family member do an inspection.

Choosing the right color for you

It is important to choose the right color for your wedding. Below are some of the unexpected reasons to consider.

It today’s world of Led Lighting the lights give off a glow that will cover the walls the food and the peoples faces. Lets face it girls we

just don’t look good in Blue and green. I always cringe when I see wedding colors of sea foam on the internet. Fortunately they or not the photographer shoots a perfect room before the guest arrive. This does not let you see how you and your guest may look in green light.

In case you may wonder about your color ask your lighting person to bring a light or 2 that they will be using. Have them dial in your

color. I do this for all of my brides so they can see what the real light looks and feels like. Look at the color on your table cloths. Do you like the way it makes the fabrics look?

So what colors have I had the most success with? First off candle light is beautiful. Everyone looks good in this color.  it does tak a quality light to get this color out of leds.

We have been doing a lot of peach with is very pretty. It is a little hard to get the color perfect on film.

 The best color I have worked with to date is lavender. It photographs perfect and everyone looks good in this color.

As a bride I might even think of using 2 colors after all your flowers are different colors. how ever you plan it get a lighting person who will bring out equipment to show you. I do this because lighting is a visual art not everyone sees what I see. It is my job to show them. And I honestly love to show my trickImages.Image  Image