The Battle Lighting Guys Vs Sound guys

Why do lighting guys and sound guys always fight and put the other down? Basically its ego and jealousy. For the sound guy it is the lighting guy is always in his way. First truck to get into the dock and huge truss are just often in the way. Then there is the Lighting guys ego. The Lighting guy often feels he is a little closer to God because of his power over the darkness. With statements like

“Let there be light, and In the beginning..from there I am sure the day gets better and better for the sound guy who has to stomach comments.  

Lighting guys always includes cute statements on there emails and business cards.

While sound guys are much more concerned with the room The lighting guys care more a what is going on behind the mic’s often its just simple beamage they are looking at. While I love running a console I am at heart a Lighting girl through and through. I still can feel sorry for the sound guy who has to put up with our egos.  Sadly today’s technology has taken away the victory of the hunt the love for the live action I have for the Concert Lighting. Now the Lighting designer sits in a room and programs the “Tour”. Once it is on the road the Lighting operator is a mere button pusher. If you have ever ran a console it is like a life size video game. You can sit off stage and play with the band. So often they would give me hand signals making me part of the show. Later they would come tell me how much fun they had on stage while I was running the show for them. It’s all ego, the most exciting feeling I have every had. I know that at the end of a well planned show I could conspire to have the crowded worked into a frenzy and on their feet. The love of the art run deep in the heart of a creative soul. I loved it and Lived it. But in today’s high tech world you need no talent to push a button. After 9 years I had to decide if I wanted to just get by doing what I loved or if I would chance to excel at what I do. With great passion for my art I had the drive and made the opportunity to exceed. It is not a given it is a daily fight for the opportunity to do what I love.

So if you are a sound man I swear I will give you Credit. You are the important part of the show. Because with out the sound we would be just all standing watching lights flashing. Thank you for all that you do.

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