Fairy Tale Weddings

I love fairy tale weddings. This one was a challenge because I wanted mix leds and conventional cans outside. We are talking about two different color temperatures. But the most difficult challenge was the yellow walls. It tends to give the fuschia color an orange tint. So the columns in the room were painted white. And I had to mix a different color for the yellow walls. Out in the garden, we strung garden lights. While I was installing the lights the temperature quickly rose to 103. The ladder was burning my hands and sweat was burning my eyes. Lighting designers weak point is their eyes for sure. But it was well worth it the garden was amazing for the bride and groom.
My last challenge of the night was my aluminum ladder and the flashes of light with rolling thunder from the sky. That night was a record breaking fast out. I am so proud of my team. I will get more photos to post from this event soon.

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