Closet tips

Newly wed tip of the day. When you find your self out of closet room because you are trying to fit you and your spouse’s cloths into one closet try this. Hang pant and jeans 2 per hanger. This does save so much room. Use a substantial hanger because they will weigh double. Hang like cloths together or ones that you wear more often in the front for a quick find. Try not throwing things away because who know you may skinny down to fit into your high school stuff again. Store shoes high on a shoe rack for easy visual find. And keep a small foldingĀ  step ladder in the closet to reach high places. These can be bought at Wall mart or target. I got my stacking show racks at the container store. i like them better than the plastic boxes that I had before because they kept falling on my head. No not funny how a plastic box can make you feel stupid when it hits you on the head.. Got any tips to share? I would love to hear them!