Led’s or non Led’s


Ashton Depot Fort Worth Texas

While Led’s are what every Bride wants, they are not the right light for every occasion. Since Led’s have come out, they make it easier not having to worry about the electrical at the venue. But there are draw backs and limitations using these lights. The problem starts with the color of light they produce. The camera sees it why don’t we? I think the lights are fine lighting scenery or walls. But they do very poorly on faces and on product. If you have to light the band with Leds, I would use a spot light if you have a big star walking on stage. I saw a horrible show they lit Smokey Robinson with just Leds for a benefit for the Jr League of Dallas. It was bad I could not get a useable picture. In a case like that I am not a fan of turning peoples faces that color. I would hope that if you were light a bride you would be careful with using Leds on the face. The Led just can not give us the true studio quality color that an halogen lamp can. Hiring a professional is your best coarse of action. Getting your photographer to work with your lighting designer…even better!

Whats Hot?

Of course we all know about Led Lighting and while fabric seems to be all the rage. I see a new trend on the horizon. That new trend is the exciting world of wall patterns. This is a Beautiful solution the ugly wall paper that is in most hotels. It also lets the Bride put her on distinct mark on her wedding. She can get as creative as she wants to be. Have an ugly wall? Instead of draping it off, which can be costly with hours of labor cost. Why not cover it in light? Lighting is still your most affordable way to decorate a room. 2 people 4 hours and easy decorations.

Forget the expensive prop houses, make it simple and elegant with light. ashton(19)